Dubai, UAE

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Dubai needs no introduction. With a stunning blend of sophistication, glamour, culture, and attraction, Dubai is a haven for adventurers, beach lovers, and shopaholics. Do not be surprised to find everything 'large' and 'big' in Dubai, beginning with the world's tallest building — the Burj Khalifa. Scratch the surface, and you'll find numerous attractions and activities to captivate everyone.

Whether you wish to explore Old Dubai, Bastakiya District, or the Dhow, get ready to be spoilt for choices.

Best Things To Do

Enjoy Dubai Desert Safari
Explore Burj Khalifa
Witness Dubai Fountain
Shop at Dubai Mall
Tour The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo
Take your family to Ain Dubai

Best Time To Go

From September to December is the best time to visit Manchester. To lure you in, the hotels that are vacant offer fire-sale rates for the four most popular months of the year. The area attractions are busiest although the months between January to April are cooler, they are more expensive. May through August, the weather can be uncomfortable and must be avoided.